Saturday, May 30, 2015

Stake Spring Garden and Home Preparedness Tour! June 6th, 9am till 12 noon

Our Stake Relief Society is hosting a Spring Garden and Home Preparedness Tour so we can see how people are getting prepared.  You're invited to travel from house to house from 9am till 12noon on Saturday, June 6th, 2015.  There are so many ways to get your home prepared for an emergency and these people on this tour will provide you with a wide variety of options...not to mention the lovely gardens to enjoy!

We have included some information about each home on the tour so you can map your route based on what your needs are.

Russell and Carole Miller
5215 E. Chapman Ave, Space 56
Orange, CA  92869
And her daughter a mile away at:
Mike and Charla Harris
10251 South Randall
Orange, CA 92869
(714) 349-1273
The Millers live in a mobile home and have figured out how to store long term food, 55 gallon water barrels,grind wheat, make yeast, and assemble the power of 3 kits.  She is offering tasting samples of her long term storage.  

Rand and Mary Pugmire
2508 Fairmont Ave
Santa Ana, CA 92706
The Pugmire’s (a small home for 2) have a small garden in raised beds (3’x4’), a mature lime tree, avocado tree (baby), long term water supply, lots of #10 canned foods for long term storage (in a well organized closet), prepackaged meals (dehydrated), TONS of wheat, FREE fresh herbs for you to take home, and are offering treats for you to enjoy!

Bruce and Sandy Heathcote
13532 Whembly Drive
Santa Ana, CA 92705
The Heathcotes are a family of 3 now and have a neat variety of fruit trees!  Bruce has taken an inventory of his long term food storage in #10 cans and built a super sturdy shelving unit to hold them all.  He also has some unique long term food storage solutions for better variety and better taste.  He’s a ham radio guy and has generators and camping equipment all set up to grab and go if needed.  He has thought this emergency thing through and has some important items that you should check out!

Jeff and Melissa Peters
248 S. Wheeler Place
Orange, CA 92869
The Peters are a family of 6 with limited space for long term food storage.  They have long term water storage, long term food storage, a well thought out pantry, and some of the power of 3 kits.  They have a small garden (always a work in progress) and have 10 fruit trees around their landscaping.  Bishop Peters and Max will be having a building demo on the driveway to show you how to make our “food storage” platform beds that can hold and rotate 108 #10 cans under them.

Mike and Jill LaBarge
12532 Carmel Way
Santa Ana, CA 92705
and Mike’s parents:
Robert and Nina LaBarge
12376 Circula Panorama Place
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Jill and Mike are a family of 8 (almost).  They have planned ahead in how they have set up their home.  Come over to see their long term water storage solution.  They have 7 72 hour kits in backpacks.  For their long term food storage they found something that works for their family’s needs.  Jill & Mike have several fruit trees and are in the process of sprucing up their garden.  
Robert and Nina have an extensive garden that they will be showing at their home.

Jack and Sandra Tulanian
13122 Ranchwood Road, Tustin, CA 82782 - cell:714-345-6780
The Tulanians are a family of 3 at home now.  They have landscaped the backyard and side yards with raised beds for vegetables and herbs.  They have set up creative ways for watering and planting for easy maintenance.  They also have a LOT of fruit trees!  While they normally eat fresh, they still have a long term food storage supply (tucked here and there all around the house) for emergencies and have lots of water barrels (on their side yards) for long term water supplies.  They also have rollaway emergency packs in their garage.

Sandy Barnett
15660 Tustin Village Way #41
Tustin, CA 92780 (Enrique Apartments)
Call when you’re at the gate:
Sandy is a single sister who lives alone.  She has a 1 bedroom apartment and has figured out how to store long term food and water for herself.  She has an apple tree in a pot and FREE aloe plants for the first 10 people who would like one.  She rotates through her food storage, canned grocery goods and beans.  She has medical supplies and tons of coins to use in emergencies.  She will be offering tastes of food storage for you to sample.

If you need some motivation to get your home prepared...THIS IS IT!  Make some time to hop around out stake and see how to plant a garden and get prepared!